Our Story

We are a group of friends, professional colleagues, and competitors who came together because we saw something missing in our industry–a deep commitment to accessibility in learning. The e-learning industry doesn’t have an exclusive set of standards. We use standards built for websites and have to figure out how to apply them to our courses. In our early conversations, we talked about how each of us interpreted the standards and found inconsistencies in our approaches. We asked how we might fix that. The short story is we think we have greater reach together than we do separately. So, rather than take on three corporate initiatives, we created Inspire Accessibility to support our industry. If you’re new to accessibility, we want to help you with things like checklists, roadmaps, and even some inspiration. If you’re also an accessibility champion, we’d love for you to join us as we spread the word.

Highlights from our Team

Diane Elkins – Artisan e-Learning
Eduardo Escalante – Sweetrush